Monday, November 20, 2017

10 years later - Part 3/3

So 10 years have passed since the fists sims moved to Linfort, and a lot has happened in these 10 years; babies have been born, sims have gotten married, business have been opened, ...

Here's the third (and last) summary:

After Naomi got unexpectedly, Jeremy moved in to support her and his kid. Their son, Logan was born in July 2019. The couple bought a house together in Arvana and got married in August 2021. In January 2024 they welcommed their second son, Damon into their family.

Allison and Joe's one night stand turned into a lot more when they found out they actually have a lot in common, like their careers. So they decided to get to know each other better and eventually moved in together, and bought a house in Linfort. Allison opened the Linfort Clinic in 2020, and it's doing great. Joe is a doctor at the Arvana Hospital.
Their son, Aaron was born in May 2025.

After the quick wedding in 2018, Alexa and Liam welcommed their daughter, Helena in November 2018, Shawn quickly followed in August 2020. Because both of them didn't feel like their family was complete, they decided to have another child, and so Scott joined their family in September 2026.
The family lives in Linfort, which is closest to Liam's work, the Linfort Police Department.

After their first date in 2018, Meghan and Mitchell continued to see each other, and eventually got married in June 2020. In January 2022, they welcommed their first daughter, Ashley. Because they wanted more children and their house wasn't too big, Mitchell and Meghan bought a bigger house in Linfort. Soon after, in June 2026, they welcommed their second daughter, Lauren. Lauren was soon followed by her sister Phoebe in September 2027.
Mitchell is still writing detectives, and his new series about Bob Bore seem to be a succes. Meghan's flower shop is doing great as well. She gets asked to do flower arrangements for all kinds of occasions.

Louisa and Dimitri got together in 2016, and moved in together not soon after. When her sister, Meghan moved out the couple decided to look for a place of their own, and bought a house in Linfort. They got married in May 2021. They welcommed two sons since than, Lucas in October 2023 and Jason in February 2026.
In the mean time Louisa opened up her own restaurant in Linfort, The Purple Chandelier. They now are saving money for Dimitrie to open his own garage.

  • Even though Logan wasn't planned, Naomi and Jeremy seem pretty happy with their lives. They love each other, and they actually tried for a child on their own. Since Naomi's IFS is 3 I don't know if their done, but I do like their little family the way it is.
  • Allison and Joe's relationship actually started out as a one night stand, but their chemistry was hihger than I anticipated, and so I let them date. I like that they are both working in the medical career, and I also like the idea of them having only one kid. It seems to fit their busy lives as doctors. I don't know if they agree with me, but so far they haven't tried for another just yet.
  • I was actually going to let Liam and Alexa wait a little bit longer before letting them have a third child, but they kept trying for a child, that I eventually just took them off birth control.
  • I love that Mitchell and Meghan have 3 girls! They both want another child, so that might happen in the future. I just hope this one will be a girl as well. I would love a family with all girls! I was kind of disappointed though that all 3 of the girls have grey eyes like their dad, and not the green ones like their mom. Another thing to hope for in the next one.
  • You'll hopefully get to see more of Louisa's restaurant when I actually have an update on this family, but I quite like it, and it's really doing great! They almost have enough money for Dimitri to open his garage!
    I love the Lucas has green eyes (I adore green eyes!). He gets them from his mom. I would have loved it if Jason would have had green eyes as well, but his are grey.


  1. Sometimes sims know what they're doing when they make seemingly crazy ACR decisions, so I guess Naomi and Jeremy fit into that category. :) As you know, my sims dream is a family of four boys or four I hope Meghan and Mitchell have another and that it's a girl! The three they have are so adorable.

    Also, side note, but I was wondering the other day if I'd eventually run out of names for Sullivan. Then I read this post, full of names which I mostly haven't used and realised I'll probably be okay for a while yet. ;)

  2. I'm so behind. I like the 10 year time jump that you did and can't wait to get back into their stories.