Saturday, August 13, 2016

Why I haven't been around

I would like to say that I haven't abandoned Linfort, but I simply can't at the moment...

I was ready to start writing my first update, I had plans to post some lottours and I was really looking forward to playing with the residents of Linfort, but my computer didn't seem to be.
About 4 weeks ago (I think), my computer couldn't locate my C-drive anymore. This is a new computer I got in November and since my borther-in-law (who normally deals with all of my computer-issues) didn't have the time to look at my computer, I decided to return it.
I send it back about 2 weeks ago, and I'm waiting at the moment to get it back, but I have no idea when this will be.

So, where does this leave Linfort? I have absolutely no idea.
I didn't make a back-up, which is so stupid I know! And I don't know what will be recovered. So I really don't know.
If Linfort isn't lost, I will finally start those posts I have been planning.
If Linfort is lost, I will start a new Linfort, but this probably won't be with the same sims/families.

In the mean time, there won't be any real updates.

I'll keep you guys updated.