Tuesday, December 25, 2018

I think it's time...

It really hurts having to do this, but I just don’t think I can leave things the way they are at the moment.
You may have all noticed that I haven’t been posting at all lately. People that know me on others sites such as N99, tumblr and twitter may have noticed that I haven’t been posting there either.
I still love Linfort, and I really want to see things move forward, but I’m at the same point I was with SimsVille. I have at least 10 updates that I can write, but I’m lacking the motivation to do so. It takes some time for me to write the updates, and I just don’t feel like doing it, I’m so sorry about that!
I’ve always done this because it was fun, but now the writing just isn’t fun for me anymore.
I don’t want to update tumblr, because I don’t want that to be ahead of this blog, and so the posting there has stopped as well.

So what does this all mean:

I’m going to say goodbye here. I won’t be posting anything any time soon (if ever), and I just wanted to tell you all.
I think I’ll stop playing Linfort as well. As much as I like that hood, the way it’s set up, for me it’s to post about it and since I won’t be doing that it seems fit to not play it anymore. Same goes for SimsVille.
Like I’ve said, this hurts me so much, but it just seems like the best thing to do at the moment.

I’ve cleared out my tumblr and will try to post more from now on (since it will be the only thing to keep up to date)! You won’t see SimsVille or Linfort there.
I’ve started my own kind of Uberhood, and I hope to start posting that soon. Maybe start some kind of ‘build-a-city-challenge’ or a Legacy, I have no idea yet.
So if you want to continue seeing my sims please follow me on Tumblr – Tanja plays Sims (small warning: I might post sims 4 there as well, and even a very small amount of sims 3).
I hope to start posting on N99 as well, but let’s take it one step at the time for now.

Thank you all for following this blog, and for supporting me all these years! You have no idea how much this means to me! And hopefully I’ll see you all on tumblr!

I would like to end with wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! May the new year bring you everything you hope and wish for, and so much more!

- Tanja