Sunday, December 3, 2017

Introducing the playable NPC's

Of course I've added some playable NPC's in the last couple of simyears.
So after re-introducing all the regular playables, here's an introduction of the playable NPC-families at the start of 2028.

The Draper Family: Karen Spears and Bart Draper started their romance in the background of one of the families I was playing. And so I moved them in together. Since then they've gotten married, and welcomed son Christian and daughter Ellen into their family.
Karen is working in politics, and Bart is a real estate agent.

The Knowles Family: Joleen Abbot is a collegue of Bart who he brought home one day. At the same time Rodney Knowles visited the family and he and Joleen hit it off. They waited some time before gettting married, and 2 years after their wedding, their son Micheal was born.
Rodney works as an events planner.

The Marlow Family: Brandon Marlow is a friend of Mitchell Robert who was added due to ROS (a friend moves in) in round 2. He owns his own restaurant in Arvana, Brandon's Breakfast House, and Anya works on broadcas journalism. Brandon and Anya got married in 2027.

The Prescot Family: Kendall Prescot is Adrian Moreau's older brother. I didn't want Adrian to be an only child, so I created him some siblings, and Kendall is one of them. Kendall is married to Cathryn and they live in Arvana. Cathryn works as an architect and Kendall works in the intellegence career.

The Ryder-Thorpe Family: Wendy and Cameron Thorpe are borther and sister. Cameron recenly moved to Arvana and lives with his sister and her boyfriend, Ian Ryder.
Ian works in publishing, Wendy is a professional dancer, and Cameron is a professional soccer player.

The Sands Family: Stephanie Prescot is Kendall and Adrian's younger sister. She's engaged to Dennis Sands, and they live together in Arvana. Dennis is a doctor waiting on his transfer to the Arvana Hospital, and Stehanie works as a social worker.

  • These families will live their lifes in the background of my regular playables. They will get their spot in my playing schedule, but won't get any updates, apart from brithdays, engagements and weddings.
  • Cameron Thorpe was created because I wanted to keep the name Thorpe going, but I also wanted to keep the name Ryder. Since things are pretty serious between Wendy and Ian, and knew I had to choose, and so Cameron came in the picuture.
  • The same goes for Kendall and Stephanie Prescot. I wasn't willing to give up the name Moreau when Noelle married Adrian, since it's one of my founding names, but I wanted the Prescot-name to go on as well. 

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  1. Oh, wow, so many! I hope to see some of their kids marrying into your hood one day!