Wednesday, November 15, 2017

10 years later - Part 2/3

So 10 years have passed since the fists sims moved to Linfort, and a lot has happened in these 10 years; babies have been born, sims have gotten married, business have been opened, ...

Here's the second summary:

After dating for a while, Celeste and Thomas moved in together. They got engaged in 2021, and got married in April 2022. Their twin boys, Lou and Rick, were born a month early in October 2022, and had to stay in the hospital for a month before going home. Their dautgher, Anouk was born in February 2027.

After dating several guys after Andrew broke up with her, Noelle finally found love with Adrian. They moved in together in an apartment in Arvana, and recently bought a house together. Adrian and Noelle got married in July 2027.
Noelle's career as a singer is going really great, she has recorder some albums and they all sold great.

After leaving their partners, Crystal and Andrew moved to Arvana, where they kept out of touch a little bit. Since than they've gotten back in contact with their friends.
They got married in January 2023, and welcomed their daughter, Yana in September 2025.
Crystal is now a broadway star, and very happy with it. Andrew made it to editor, en is looking to start the Linfort Gazette.

After Gavin and Kathleen went out on date, set up by Gavin's brother, they continued seeing each other and eventually move in together. Their son, Jack was born in August 2024, though the pregnancy was quite a surprise. In December that same year Kathleen and Gavin got married.

Sonya and Miles welcommed their daughter, Tara in April 2019, after a very hard pregnancy. After the birth the couple got the news that due to complications during the delivery, Sonya couln't get any more children. At the moment they are focussing all their love and time in to their daughter, but they are looking into adopting as well.

Brenda and Steven got married in November 2020, and welcommed their first daughter, Violet in October 2021. After that they both decided to focus on their careers. In May 2026 their second daughter, Iris was born; By that time both of their careers were doing great, and they had bought a large house in Arvana.
Brenda is looking to retire from her swimmingcareer but isn't yet sure what she wants to do next.

  • Just a little note about how I created my sims when I started Linfort. To get some diversity in the genetics, I created 'parents' and let those parents have children, and these children are eventually the sims that moves to Linfort. That way they all had some recesive genes that could pop up when they had children.
  • I was thrilled when Lou and Rick were born! Not only were they my first set of twins in Linfort, but I also love their differenctes! Lou has blond hair and dark blue eyes, and Rick has red hair in light blue eyes! Anouk on the other hand has blond hair and light blue eyes. I love how all these genetics played out! Apparently one of the parents I created for Celeste and Noelle had red hair, and I love that it popped out here.
    I do was surprised that none of their children inherrited their father's brown hair.
  • Adrian Moreau actually comes with a brother and a sister. They are playable NPC's which I'll introdure later.
  • Despite working on their careers Crystal and Andrew's life has settled down. Crytal is still in contact with her former roomie, Celeste, who's the sister of Andrew's ex. And Andrew is still working on his friendship with both Gavin and Neil, even though he stole the last one's girlfriend.
  • I just love how Jack Larson turned out! I'm so glad with the red hair! Neither of his parents are allowed birth control, and they weren't trynig for a baby, so Jack was kind of a surprise. Kathleen's IFS is 3 but Gavin's IFS is 1, so I'm pretty curious to find out if they will be having another one. I kind of like the idea of Jack being an only child.
  • Sonya's pregnancy was a very hard one. I don't know why but I had a hard time keeping her happy. Luckily she didn't loose the baby. Even though I set that Sonya can't have any more children, they keep trying for a baby, so I'll let them look into adoption.
  • Brenda is almost 40, which is the age I think sportspeople retire, depending on where they are in their careers. She's a coach at the moment, but I'm not sure she'll stay in that career, or if I'll let her be something else.

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  1. You were smart with your founding sims' genetics! I wish I'd thought to do that when I started Sullivan. It took me three generations before I got a born-in-game redhead!

    Good to catch up with everyone but I'm especially glad to read that Noelle's career is going so well. I had a soft spot for her when I read about her first.