Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Burke - August 2016

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The Burke Family
Nathalie is 34 and Eliot is 24
(Mitchell Roberts and Liam Reynolds are 29, Jeremy Hagan is 28 and Allison Miller is 26)
Narrated by Nathalie

I think moving to Linfort was a good decicion. I was able to keep my job, there is a position for governor here in Linfort, and I got Eliot away from those guys.
I've gotten a dog, Puck, and even though I don't like being outdoors, he gets me to play with him in the garden. I feel calmer than ever.
Since I'm the only politician in the area, I feel it is my duty to greet the new residents. The last couple of months there have been some immigrations. Like Mitchell Roberts and Liam Reynolds.
Liam is a police officer who got transferred here so we could open a police department. His friend, and famous author, Michell moved along with him seeing who could write anywhere. Unfortunatly I didn't meet Mitchell, but Liam seemed pretty enthusiastic to start his job here in Linfort.
Another new family are Allison Miller and her fiancee Jeremy Hagan. Allison is studying to be a doctor. She's doing her residency at the moment, but when she has her degree she plans to open up a clining here in Linfort.
I completely support this idea. The more we can offer people, to more people will want to move here. Her fiancee, is a photographer. I don't know what he plans to do, but I wouldn't mind if he opened up a photo studio here.
I also met Joe Kerr. He's from around here, and we went on a date, something I never took the time for before, but decided to do more when we moved here.
There are some businesses opening in Linfort and I was eager to try out some of the restaurants and Joe was more than willing to accompany me.
Joe is really nice company, and I had a really good time with him, but I miss that click with him.
I also met Ian. He's really charming, but we haven't been out on a date yet. I met him at a function, and there was immediatly a connection between us.
He's come to the house, but that's about all we've done.
With work, greeting new residents and meeting new people, I haven't seen Eliot a lot. But he seems to be doing really well. I haven't seen those guys from before anymore, and he's even talking about maybe getting a degree, via computer.
His hours are quite different from mine, and he has a lot more free time than I have. We live right next to the gym, which is perfect for Eliot.
I like to tease him that he's addicted to working out, but he keeps telling me he just likes to look good, and that sport is healthy.
And there are girls around here who really like a nice tight body. Eliot met Amber a couple of weeks ago, and when he's not in the gym, or at work Eliot spends all his time with her.
I haven't met her yet, but I can see Eliot is happy, and that's the most important thing.

  • 2 new families have been introduced: Hagan-Miller (Jeremy and Allison) and Reynolds-Roberts (Liam and Mitchell). Normally I don't do household profile pages for roommates, but at the moment I'm making exceptions. When rotation starts to go normally, and new roommate household might be formed, I won't do that anymore.
  • Reynolds-Roberts: As said before Liam is a police officer who got transferred to Linfort to run the department here. Mitchell is his best friend and decided to move with him. Mitchell is a famous author, who just killed of the lead character in his book-series. He's looking for new inspiration and hopes to find it in Linfort. The house they live in is Mitchell's property.
    Liam has 1 brother, Neil who we will meet later in round 1. Michell is an only child.
  • Hagan-Miller: Allison Miller is going through medical school and will open a clinic when she finishes her education. Her fiancee, Jeremy, is a photographer who hopes to make it and become famous. The 2 are engaged, but Jeremy likes to 'look' around.
    Allison has a twinbrother, Andrew, and Jeremy has a younger sister, Crystal. Both will be introduced later this round.
  • Nathalie is very ambitious, but she also takes her job very serious. She's currently the only one who I see being the Governor of Linfort, and so she sees it as her duty to meet with every new resident.
  • Nathalie went on one date with Joe, who she really likes and rolls wants for, but their attractionscore is only 40. She has a much higher attractionscore with Ian, but doesn't know him too well just yet to roll wants for him. I'm curious to see where things are going. I want her to have a family, but I can't wait too long with it all since she's 34.
  • Eliot is still working as a criminal. I see bad things for Nathalie's career if some one ever found out about that, so I hope he'll come to his senses and changes soon. He really really likes Amber, but I think they're too young to already be too serious, I do however can see Amber as the one to put Eliot on the right track!


  1. LOL, I bet Nathalie would be thrilled about Eliot and Amber on that couch!

    Anyway, I'm loving this. Your hood is growing so quickly and we have four families already! You're not following any prosperity or build a city challenge rules, are you? Just curious.

    Things with Nathalie and Joe seem like they could be promising. Chemistry isn't everything and it sounds like she really likes him. But maybe waiting a while to see if there are any sparks with Ian is a good idea.

  2. Carla I'm not following any rules, except that I can't give my sims unlimited funds, to keep it real.

    I'm not 100% sure about Nathlie and Joe,though I like Joe and would like to get him married to one of my sims, I think waiting to see if Nathalie has higher chemisty with any one else seems more like the right thing at the moment.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I love how you are playing, reminds me of a bacc kind of. I like Joe. He is a real cutie but I can't say I felt that spark. 😄