Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wilson - September 2016

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The Wilson Family
Sarah Wilson is 32
(John Green is 38, Derek Larson is 27 and Dana Larson is 25)
Narrated by Sarah

It's fall and I'm waiting to get my very first harvest. Everything seems good, and I can't wait to eat the vegetables I've grown in my own garden.
Of course fall comes with other garden-things that need looking after. I love trees, and they look wonderfull, but they have a lot leaves, which they all lose during fall.
At home I want those leaves gone, but in Bridge Park I can really enjoy them. One day I met Dana Larson in Bridge Park. She and her husband, Derek, have just moved to Linfort. Dana is an events planner and is looking to open her own Deli.
When Derek heard I have my own vegetable garden, and that I'm planning to sell part of the harvest he turned to talk to us. He thinks it's a great idea for Dana to sell meals cooked with fresh vegetables. 
Dana and I decided to meet up the next day to talk about Derek's idea. Apparently Dana's a fan of the idea, she thinks it will give her business that little bit extra.
She may be right and so we agreed that I'd sell her a small part of my harvest now so she can test recepies. Since I wasn't expecting this, and other people already depend on my vegetable I can't really give her a lot, but if she's happy with it, we might look into thing again for the next harvest.
I'm still seeing John and things are getting more and more serious. He comes by the house almost every day.
He cooks me meals,
He evens spends the night at times.
And the most important thing; he gets along with Blossom!
Things have been going really well between us lately and we are even talking about living together and marriage. One afternoon John invited me to his bookstore.
The store isn't open yet, but things are progressing really well. Most of the furniture is placed and John is just waiting for the books to arrive so he can put them in the bookcase and decorate the place.
There's also a reading corner, and when he was showing me that part, he suddenly got down on one knee, and propossed. We've talked about marriage and kids and all, but I was still surprised.
Of course I said yes! I'm really excited and I can't wait to call John my husband. We haven't picked a date yet but in the mean time, we've decided that he will move in with me.

  • And so we meet another family: the Larson family, Derek and Dana. Derek works in the military and isn't home a lot. Dana is an eventsplanner who wants to open a deli in Linfort to combine with her eventplanning. They moved to Linfort because they wanted a change. The 2 don't have children, though Derek really wants them, Dana wants to wait a little bit longer.
  • So Sarah and John are engaged! I know it's going fast for these 2, but I like it and seeing they are both family sims I don't thinks it's exceptional for them. I liked moving John in, just to get a little change in playing, and I'm looking forward to opening the bookstore, which will be named 'Little Black Book'. - John will get a profile page as soon as I think about getting his picture, I keep forgetting to take it!


  1. These two are a sweet couple, and I like the friendship developing with the Larsons. They don't have anything to do with the original Maxis-made Larson twins (Jodie and Jason), do they?

  2. Aw, so happy for Sarah and John! I definitely know what you mean about enjoying the change that came with moving John in. Playing single sims can get so samey at times and I always like being able to change that.

    Can't wait to see more of the Larsons. Dana's business idea sounds awesome and it'll be nice for Sarah to have a bit more money in her pocket too.

  3. Librarian I like the friendship between Sarah and Dana as well.
    The Larsons don't have anything to do with the Maxis-made Larson twins. I've never actually played the Maxis pre-mades, so I didn't think about the twins when I picked the name for this family.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I really did love playing Sarah on her own, but adding John to the household will change things a bit, and I'm looking forward to that.

    I'm looking forward to opening Dana's business. I've wanted a business like this for some time now, but it never worked out!

    Thanks for reading!