Monday, September 12, 2016

Miss Sarah Wilson

The new Linfort is going really well! I've created almost all the families (only 2 more to go), I've placed lots, my sims have places they can go, ... So it all seems to be going really well. I don't have background stories for all of them yet, but thats going to be fine (I hope).

So this means I'm ready to introduce my first family to you guys!
I've decided to do the introductions different this time. I'll be introducing families as I play. This way I start with round 1 immidiatly, hoping I'll get further than last time! I'll be only introducing this family in a seperate post, new families will be introduced by other residents.

Let me introduce Miss Sarah Wilson. Sarah is 32 years old, and moved to Linfort after both her parents died in a car accident.
Sarah used to be a true workaholic. She hardly ever took a vacation or time to herself. Her days were filled with work, and her office became her second home. She was always the first one on the office and the last one to leave. She only went home to sleep.
Due to always working Sarah lost lots of friends, because she never had time for them or to go out with them.

After the death of her parents, Sarah turner her life around. She quit her job, sold her apartment and moved to Linfort.
Since she was her parent's only child, she inherrited a small sum. With the money she bought a nice little home in Linfort and she was able to set aside apart to live from.
Her parent's death has learned her to live life to the fullest and that being stuck in an office isn't the way to do that.

She plans on growing and selling her own vergetables an fruits, and keeping a part from the harvest to live from.
She's not planning on going to go back to work at the moment, since she doesn't want to be the workaholic she was before.
When she's not working in her garden, Sarah plans on refocussing on painting. She used to love painting when she was a kids, and she was quite good at it, but she stopped painting because her job was asking too much of her time.

The only thing Sarah brought from her old life, is her parent's cat, Blossom. Blossom wasn't with her parent's for that long, but Sarah couldn't give her up and so Blossom is moving to Linfort with Sarah, where she will have a large garden to run around in.

  • So this is the first family moving to Linfort. I came up with her story when I was waiting for my computer to be repaired, and if I would still have to old Linfort, I'm sure I would have found a place for Sarah!
  • Sarah doesn't have a job, and I don't plan on her getting one soon. I've played her for some simweeks already, and she can easily manage by selling her paitings and vegetables, at least for now. I don't know how things will go, when she starts a family.
  • Sarah will be the one who will get the most updates this 1st round, so we'll see a lot of her.
  • Since I'll be introducing families all through round 1, I won't be putting up the play schedule now. I'll update it as I post updates. I'll also be putting up simprofiles and familyprofiles (if I get to those), whenever a new family is introduced.


  1. Glad the new Linfort is progressing! I'm looking forward to following your families and their lives.

    I thought it was very cool that your Sarah Wilson grows her own fruits and veggies. There is a real life Sarah Wilson in Australia and she is well-known for her book "I Quit Sugar" and she's very into promoting clean/healthy eating.

  2. Carla I didn't know about at real life Sarah Wilson! It's funny that they are both about living healthy :)

    Thanks for reading!