Sunday, September 18, 2016

Wilson - April 2016

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The Wilson Family
Sarah Wilson is 32
(John Green is 38, Nathalie Burke is 34 and Eliot Burke is 24)
 Narrated by Sarah

I was glad when spring finally came and I was able to work in the garden. Maintaining the garden is a lot of work but it can be a lot of fun as well.
Most of the time I spend in the garden. It was one of those days that a woman walked into my garden to meet with me.
Her name is Nathalie Burke, and she's a politician. She and her brother just moved to Linfort, and seeing she's a politician, she saw it as her job to introduce herself to me.
She even asked me to come with her to Coffee Time to meet her brother, Eliot. Apparently Eliot couldn't stay long, so it was just a quick introduction and he was off again.
Nathalie didn't seem to bother that much, and invited me to have a coffee with her. Apparently her parents died when she was only 18 years old, Eliot was 8 at the time. She had just started university by then and had to raise her brother as well.
She managed to get her dergree, and find a decent job, as well as being able to give Eliot a decent education. It was a disappointment to her when Eliot decided not to go to college, after all that was what she had been working for, but she accepted his decision.
Eliot found a job quite fast, and Nathalie was happy with that. But lately it seemed like he was getting in with the wrong crowd, so she decided to move away from those guys in the hope of getting Eliot on the right track. I really do hope she succeeds.
After my coffee break with Nathalie, I had to go back to work. I'm trying to finish a painting I started right before spring. Some one on my blog showed interest, and I don't want to let them wait too long.
In the garden things are growing really well. I never expected to have to harvest before summer, but I already gotten some really good apples from my trees.
Even though I'm a vegetarian, I do eat fish sometimes. So I was really happy to discover a fishingpond not too far from my house. You can't get the fish much fresher.
The pond is part of a nice park, where it's great to just go to enjoy nature. On one of my trips there I met John Green. We started talking, and before I knew it, he asked me out. 
It's been a while since I dated. Back in the city I was always too busy with work to even think about dating, so was pretty nervous. John took me to 'Maison Mama'. A nice restaurant in the center of Linfort.
The food was good, and the company was amazing. I'm sure I talked too much but John didn't seem to mind. He's a librarian, who hopes that Linfort will open a library soon so he can work there. He's also looking into opening his own bookstore.
The evening was absolutely great. I can't wait to meet John again, and I hope he feels the same way.

  • So the first new family moved to Linfort. The Burkes; Nathalie and Eliot. Nathalie practically raised Eliot, but at the moment Eliot it drifting off a little bit. Nathalie hopes that the move to Linfort will get him back on the right track. Nathalie works in politics, and Eliot is a criminal at the moment.
  • John Green is a townie Sarah met at the park and with who she has 2 bolts with. They hit it off quite well at the park, and their date made it even better. I don't see Sarah as some one to date one guy after the other, especially since she's 32 and wants to have kids. So if nothing dramatic between these 2 happens, I'm pretty sure where this relationship is heading.
  • I've brought some lot (if not a lot of lots) from SimsVille to Linfort, like 'Maison Mama'. It's a restaurant I build myself and it's one that I quite like. So I think we'll see it pop up some more.


  1. What a busy update for Sarah - her art is going well, her garden is coming along and she made a friend (that was a fun way to introduce Nathalie, btw) and got herself a little bit of romance too. :)

  2. Carla It was fun to play Sarah this way. I'm glad she met some new people, both Nathalie and John.
    And I can't wait to see her and John next time.

    Thanks for reading!