Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Linfort Gazette - March 2028

Amber and Eliot have been expecting the birth of their second child since February even though the doctor said it would be March. One evening at the beginning of March it finally is time to go to the hospital.

So they drop off Samuel at Eliot's sister, and head for the Linfort Clinic where Dr Miller is waiting for them.
Amber gets settled into her room, and Eliot makes sure his wife has everything she needs.
When Amber is ready to push, Eliot doesn't really know what to do. He remebers it being the same as when Samuel was born.
But when his second son comes into the world, Eliot is there to do his part in welcomming the little one into the world.
The next day, instead of bringing him to school, Nathalie brings over Samuel to meet his new little brother.
Samuel is more happy in seeing his mom again, than in meeting the newest addition to their family.
But when his father holds little Marcus in front of Samuel so he can have good look, Samuel is immidiatly smitten with his little brother.

  • And so we have the first baby of this round: Marcus Burke! Marcus has black hair and brown eyes just like his brother, he even had the same skin color. And I have a feeling they will look quite alike! 
  • I think Amber and Eliot are done with kids now. They both want 2 and they have 2, so I don't see them trying again, but never say never with sims :)
  • I'm thinking about adding actual days to my sims' birthdays, so this one will have March 2nd as his birthday.

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  1. Yay, welcome Marcus! Glad Eliot could step up once the baby was born, even if he was a bit useless during labour!