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Donovan 1 - February 2028

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The Donovan Family
Miles is 43, Sonya is 42 and Tara is 9
(Graham Norwood is 48, Nathalie Burke-Reynolds is 46 and Cynthia Norwood is 9)
Narrated by Miles
Every since we got the news that we were approved for adoption our lifes have been all about welcomming this new familymember.
We've been in and out of stores to get everything right. A few weeks ago the agency called us to tell that they have a baby that they would like to put with us. It's a baby boy born in January, but he won't come to us just yet.
Of course that news made us even more enthousiastic to get everything in order. And now we also know for who we are decorating.
I think we are well prepared for the little guy to arrive. We can't wait to meet him and to welcome him into our family.
We were a little bit anxious that adding a baby in the family would be hard on Tara. But so far everything is going fine.
I think she's looking forward to meeting him as much as we do, and is constantly asking question, which we can't all answer.
Tara is just amazing. She helps around the house without too much fuss.
And we can always count on her to keep Donna busy, or play with her.
She's been begging us to allow Donna to sleep in her room. We weren't too fond of that but eventually gave in. And Donna just follows Tara everywhere.
Tara's best friend is Cynthia Norwood. The Norwoods also live in Linfort and so me or Sonya often get to take her to meet with her friend.
The two have been friends since they started school, and they often have play dates together.
Sonya and I have gotten to know the Norwoods pretty well, and they are fine people, but I have to admit that I'm looling forward to Tara and Cynthia being able to meet up all on their own.
Since we have the adoption comming through, both Sonya and I are focussing on our work at the moment. We both want to be able to take some time off when this little one arrives.
I've just started a new project for the city, and I doubt I will be able to finish everything before the baby arrives, but I'm doing what I can.
I couldn't pass on this projects, since it's something I love doing; we're building a new appartmentbuilding in Arvana to attrackt more young people to move there. It's a project I fully support.

Just a shot of the Linfort City Hall. At the moment there are 2 rooms decorated: Nathalie's office and the wedding hall. I need to get working on this, but I don't have to inspiration at the moment.

  • Sonya and Miles will be welcomming their little boy in a few months and I can't wait! I love the new nursery and I'm looking forward to start using it.
  • I don't normally play 2 households from the same family so close to each other, but I've seen that I've done it with the Norwoods as well, and I don't know how I have missed that! Anyway I'm not changing my play schedule.
  • I'll show the apartmentbuilding Miles is building soon. I'm planning on using it very soon as well, so I'll put up a tour.

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  1. Ooh, a little boy! I love how excited Tara is about her new younger brother!

    I can't wait to see Miles's apartment building either. I hate building apartments (did it once, never again!), so I'm impressed by anyone willing to take on the task.