Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Linfort Gazette - February 2028

Only one birthday this mont; Anouk Parish, Celeste and Thomas' youngest, is turning 1 this February. She's already the apple of her father's eye, and her brothers, Rick and Lou can't wait for her to be even older, so they can play with her.

  • I love the way Carla does her birthdays! And I'm very much looking forward to doing mine the same way, that way I won't be having only 1 sims birthday-posts, but at the moment I still think I don't have enough sims to do them that way. 
  • I love Anouk! I love her blond hair and light blue eyes which is a nice mix of both her parents, and I can't wait to age her up and see how she turns out!
  • I kind of love all 3 kids in this family. I especially love how the genetics turned out here. Celeste is blond, Thomas has brown hair, Lou is blond as well, Rick has red hair, Anouk is blond again! I can't wait to see what genetics they will pass on to their kids!

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  1. Anouk is adorable and varied genetics are always welcome! Can't wait to see your hood grow.