Sunday, January 7, 2018

Summary after 5 Rounds

So after 5 rounds, there a a lot more residents living in Linfort and Arvana. Here's a small summary.

Total population: 57 (28 male, 29 female)
Toddlers: 7
Children: 5
Teens: 0
Adults: 38
Elders: 0
  • I made a small mistake when inserting the numbers to make the diagram, there are 38 adults in total and not 39. I don't think the diagram would have changed a lot, so I just let it this way.
  • I'll be doing ROS, but just in the background. For the time being I won't allow any death-ROS, and I will be very selective on the ones that I do play out.
  • So I can finally start with posting round 6! I hope to get the first update out later this week, or sunday at the latest, but as always I'm not making any promisses!

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