Saturday, February 17, 2018

Reynolds 1 - April 2028

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The Reynolds Family
Liam is 41, Alexa is 40, Helena is 10, Shawn is 8 and Scott is 2
(Nathalie Burke-Reynolds is 46, Brenda Conners and Naomi Hagan are 39, Neil Reynolds is 36, Edith Reynolds is 7, Anna Reynolds and Austin Reynolds are 5)
Narrated by Alexa

Lately Shawn has been asking to follow an art class in the art museum in Linfort. So I decided to take him down there and see what it was all about.
It seems that he has a very specific idea of what he likes and what he doesn't like. He kept comming up with words I didn't get, and I have no idea where he learned them.
He took the class afterwards and loved it. And so we have been going to those classes every Saturdaymorning since then.
On the mornings I take Shawn to the art classes, Liam tries to do something with Helena and Scott. It can be quite a task finding something they both like seeing their age difference, so most of the time he ends up taking them to the playground.
After art class, Shawn and I head down there as well, and I tell Liam all about the class while the kids play.
We spend almost all the morning at the playground, just untill Scott gets tired and we need to head home for his nap.
Even though Scott is so much younger than his siblings, they seem to be getting along quite nicely. Especially Shawn likes being a big brother.
The rest of the family has taken quite well the Scott as well. Austin loves his little nephew and always plays with him when he sees him.
In fact all of the kids in the family get along pretty well. They're all quite close in age which I think makes it fun to meet up.
And we do meet up quite a lot. Liam and Neil are very close, and they always want to bring the families together for no mather what reason.
Neither of us mind though. Not only are Neil and Liam close, but I get along with both Nathalie and Neil as well. I know people weren't too fond of the two of them getting together, but they prooved them all wrong!
Seeing I don't know my family at all, I love having a family. And I especially love the fact that they live so close it's easy to get together.
It's not easy with 3 kids, but I try to go out with friends or with Liam occasionaly. Since my friends all have kids themselfs, they get that it's not always that easy to meet up.
We do try to meet up regularly by picking a date pretty early, and not allowing anything to come between it. Even though we all want a night just the girls, we eventually end up talking about our families all night.

  • I'm trying to do more with my sims' hobbies. Shawn's hobby is arts and crafts, and I thought it would be nice to do some of these classes. I'm hoping to do these kind of things with some of my other sims as well.
  • The art building is another building where I just decorated the rooms I needed (I don't even think I decorated the restrooms). I have the same building for my music classes as well, but I haven't done anything to that building so far.
  • I love getting the families together to hang out, and I love that all the kids are getting along so well and might even become friends.

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  1. I wonder if Shawn will keep art as a hobby or if he'll develop his skills enough to turn it into a career one day. I see you use Starr's system to choose careers, so I guess it might be a while before we know.

    Seeing Neil and Liam in the same family kept reminding me of Neil and Liam Finn. Neil was in the Australian band Crowded House and Liam is his son, who is also a talented musician. :)