Saturday, February 24, 2018

Norwood 2 - May 2028

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The Norwood Family
Malcolm is 42, Kimberly is 43, Mila is 7 and Avery is 5
(Nathan Norwood is 6 and Susan Norwood is 4)
Narrated by Kimberly

For the last couple of months, if not years, I've been working very hard on getting my own label in stores. It seems that all that work is finally paying off because I got invited to a convention for new talent.
Malcolm was so happy with the news he thought we should celebrate, and so we went to the Tropical Bridge down the street.
I wasn't completely sure I wanted to go since I would be gone for a weekend, but Malcolm convinced me it's an opportunity I couldn't pass, and so I agreed on it.
I don't think Malcolm and the girls got bored while I was away. Malcolm took the girls camping in the Linfort Forest and they had the best time.
I'm not much of an outdoorperson, so I really don't mind not having to sleep in the forest.
I'm sure the girls loved it though. He made a campfire and they roasted marshmellows and told stories.
I'm sure Mila and Avery were way too excited that they would be sleeping in a tent, that I don't think they got much sleep.
They both talked my ears off when I got back home, so I'm sure the outing was a succes.
During weekends we mostly try to get some of their cousins of friends over, so they can hang out with other people.
They are both so different that they find joy in other things. They get along but they just like other things. 
Not just my career is going great at the moment. Toy Soldier is running like a train as well. It took Malcolm some time to set it up and get it running, but now people seem to have found the way to it.
People come and ask him for advice on what to buy for kids of a specific age and Malcolm is more than willing to help them out.
With both our carreers going so good, Malcolm and I never gotten around to discussing having more kids. I know I would love to have one more, but I have to be realistic about it too.
Our lifes are just too busy at the moment to add another baby in the mix. And we're not getting any younger either. Besides we have 2 wonderfull daughters, so I'm more than happy with what I have at the moment.

  • Malcolm rolled the want for a baby this round, but I didn't lock it and it went away. Kimberly's ifs is 3 and Malcolm's 2, so I'm pretty sure they are done with children. Besides I want to focus on their careers at the moment.
  • I love playing Toy Soldier, and it really is running very well. I love seeing all the bought toys pop up in my sims' inventories, and I love seeing specific sims walk in and buy toys for their children witout me telling them to.
  • I'm not sure yet how I'm going to play out Kimberly's career, but I think I'm going to let her open a boutique in Linfort (or maybe Arvana), or maybe let het buy a fasion studio in Arvana. Anyway the plan is to actually do something with it, now I just need to figure out what!
  • I played this family before I changed Malcolm's appearance, so that's why he still has his old hairstyle!

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  1. I love running boutiques in game, so I think you'll have fun if you go that way with Kimberly. I'd like to have another one some day, maybe a bridal store!

    The girls are so cute and going camping with their dad was fun to see. It's cool that they have a place relatively close to home where they can do that. My sims have to pitch a tent in their backyard or go all the way to Three Lakes!