Saturday, February 10, 2018

Norwood 1 - March 2028

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The Norwood Family
Graham is 48, Ella is 43, Cynthia is 9, Nathan is 6, Susan is 4 and Keira is 6
Narrated by Graham

My dog, Bill, died 4 years ago, and ever since the kids have been asking to get a new one. Even though Nathan was only 2 at the time, he seems to be the one missing Bill the most.
After much consideration Ella and I finally agreed to get a new one. Nathan picked him out and named him Howard.
He was so happy with Howard, he kept telling me all the things he's going to teach Howard.
At home the others kids seemed to approve of Howard as well. I'm pretty sure Keira is a little bit scared because she's so little and Howard is so big, but that will be fine once she adjusts to him.
I have to admit that I'm more than happy to have a dog again! I'ev had Bill for such a long time it felt strange not having a dog in the house.
We do tell the kids to leave Howard to have his rest and they seem to be taking that well. Despite the age difference all our kids seem to get along.
I'm not saying we never get any arguements, but they the older ones don't seem to mind playing with the younger once, or looking after their younger siblings once in a while.
Ella insists on having our dinners all together. It can get quite kectic with 4 children, but it's a nice family-moment.
I know Ella would love to stay home with the kids, at the moment we agree that it's not possible. So she cherrishes every moment she can spend with them.
I love those familydinners, but sometimes I wish Ella would allow me to continue my work in the greenhouse. Now I'm always working late, most nights even when every one has already went to bed.
The kids love to help out thought. So when they come home from school, and they finished their homework most of the time they go to the greenhouse to weed.
We try to take them out so they can do other things as well. I like that they are helping out, but I know one day they won't love it as much and so we want them to have other things to do as well.
I'm a nature-man, and I'm well aware that it's possible that my kids won't love nature as much as I do, but I do try to encourage them to be outside as much as possible.
Ella and I have been talking about having more children, and it didn't stop with talking. We decided to let nature go its way and see if we are going to have any more. So far we aren't succesfull, but who knows, maybe in a few months.

  • Almost all the family rolled the want for another pet. Most of them wanted a puppy or a kitten, but I wasn't too keen on that seeing this household is already busy enough, and so I deciced on Howard.
  • Both Ella and Graham have the want for another baby (they are both family-sims). Neither of them is on birthcontrol at the moment, and they kept trying for a baby every chance they got, but so far no baby. So I'm going to just wait and see if the game will let them have another one.
  • I hope next time to take Graham to their market, but I didn't get around to that this time.
  • So far none of their kids have nature as their hobby. I'm hoping Keira will have it as her hobby, because I really want a nature-sim to continue their farm.

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  1. Wow, so they're trying for a fifth? That will make their hectic household just that little bit more hectic. ;) Still, it seems like they can both handle it, so why not?

    When I started Sullivan, I had vague ideas of always having nature sims run the farms, but unfortunately, I don't think it worked out very often, if at all! Hopefully you'll have more luck with Keira.