Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Linfort Gazette - January 2028

We kick off this new round with the January birthdays!

Damon Hagan, Naomi and Jeremy's youngest turns 4 this year.

He will be joined at Linfort Elementary by Susan Norwood.

Jack Larson is also turning 4 this year.

 As well as Samuel Burke.

Malcolm Norwood is turning 45 this year, and with this birthday he decided it was time for a new haircut.

  • I'm such a fan of Susan and Jack! I love that Jack has red hair, despite the fact that his father has black hair and his mother is blond.
  • I've decided to add a birthday for my adults. Seeing I change their appearance around the age of 45, I decided to add this one to my birthday-posts. They might get a haircut at the moment and I might add wrinckels and glasses.

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  1. I was quite taken with Susan as well - she has a great face! It should be interesting to see how she changes as she gets older.