Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fall 2018

September 2018
Liam Reynolds is 31 and Alexa Reynolds is 30
Alexa is making sure the house is looking perfect when their baby arrives in 2 months.

When everything is done before they bring home their baby, she figures she can spend more time with the little one.

September 2018
John Wilson is 40 and Sarah Wilson is 34
Sarah and John are welcome their first child this month. It's a boy who they called George.
John even took some time off from work the help around the house and to be with his wife and son.

September 2018: The Donovan Family
Last update/Next update
Miles Donovan is 33 and Sonya Donovan is 32
After several weeks thinking she had a bad case of the flu, Sonya finally decided to take a home pregnancy test.
Both Sonya and Miles ave very excited about their family getting expanded, and can't wait for their baby to arrive.
Unfortunatly Sonya's morning sickness is pretty bad, and she's been put on bedrest and has to check in with the doctor every 2 weeks for follow-ups.
They haven't told anybody just yet, but Sonya insisted on telling her sister, Brenda, when they went over there for dinner the other night.
Brenda knows Sonya and Miles have been wanting kids since they got married 3 years ago, so she too is very excited for them.

November 2018
Miles Donovan is 33 and Sonya Donovan is 32
Since she passed the first trimester, Sonya has been feeling a lot better. Her doctor has allowed her to go back to work but only part-time, and to do as much as possible from home.
She and Miles are ejoying every little moment they have together before their baby arrives.

November 2018
Liam Reynolds is 31 and Alexa Reynolds is 30
Liam and Alexa just welcomed their daughter, Helena, into their little family.
Both parents are spending as much time with their little girl as possible.

November 2018: The Hagan-Miller Family
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Jeremy Hagan is 30 and Allison Miller is 26
Things haven't become any better since Jeremy and Allison's fight last year. They still live together, but they both have their own lives. Jeremy prefers to spend his time not at home.
He's still seeing Noami Lane. Since they go out every week. But they haven't discussed their relationship any further.
That all changed one night when they were out to dinner and Naomit told Jeremy she's pregnant. This news kind of forced them to discuss their relationship.
Naomi was pretty determinded to keep the baby. And so Jeremy decided to finally break things off with Allison and take his responsebility.
Things with Allison went as expected. They hadn't been able to have decent conversation in months, and now that he had to tell her he got another girl pregnant and was moving in with her, things didn't got any better, but at least things were out now and they both are able to move on with their lives.

  • So first of all I'd like to welcome the first in-game born babies; George and Helena!
    George has black hair and brown eyes like his dad. Which was kind of expected but disappointing at the same time. I was hope he would at least have one thing from his mother.
    Helena has brown hair and brown eyes, also like dad.
    I can't wait to age them up and see who they look like.
  • Sonya really has a tough pregnancy. Her mood has been bad all the time and her needs are almost all the time in red. Sonya's due for april 2019.
  • I have mixed feelings about Jeremy and Allison breakin up. I would have loved to see them continue together and make it work, but they both have higher chemistry with other sims, and Naomi getting pregnant kind of made things definitif; Jeremy is moving in with Naomi, and they will be getting their own updates.
    Naomi is due for July 2019.


  1. Interesting developments with many babies either already here or on their way :-)

  2. Yay, two new babies and more on the way! Poor Sonya though - I'm glad her second trimester is looking better than her first.

    My sim Naomi would have ended up as Naomi Lane if I'd had her take Eliot's surname, rather than the other way around! :D

  3. Congratulations on the first born in-game babies for Linfort!