Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Winter 2018-2019

January 2019
Naomi Lane is 30

Naomi works very early, which means she always has the afternoons off. Jeremy however has normal hours, which means Naomi is home alone with Ralph most of the time.

She doesn't mind that too much though. Being home alone gives her time to think about everything tha thas happend the last couple of months. She never planned getting pregnant before being in a steady relationship, but she can't help feeling excited about this baby.

January 2019
Sonya Donovan is 33

Even though Sonya was allowed to work part time the last couple of months, her doctor didn't want her taking any risks and so she is been told once again to rest as much as possible.
Everybody likes to laze around once in a while, but after months Sonya is getting pretty tired of it. She's counting down the months untill she can hold her little baby in her arms, and to once again be able to do things without worrying about the baby in her belly.

January 2019
Last update/Next update
Derek Larson is 30 and Dana Larson is 28
Dana finaly decided on date for the opening of her deli, and she's been cooking non-stop since. She wants to make sure she doesn't run out on her first day.
On the day of the opening Derek took the day off to help Dana as much as he could. They took a small moment before the fist customers walkde in.
Derek took care of the cash register, while Dana talked to the customers and answered their questions.
After all the first day of D's Deli went great. And because of that Derek took his wife out for small bite to eat to celebrate.

February 2019
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Graham Norwood is 39, Malcolm Norwood is 36, Kimberly Alston is 34 and Ella Norwood is 32
Ella and Graham both want a big family, and they want it sooner rather than later. They did however wanted to be married before they welcomed their first one.
After Ella found out she was already expecting, they decided to not wait much longer to get married, and set the date for next month.
Malcolm, Graham's borther, and his girlfiend have some exciting news as well; after dating for 3 years he and Kimberly found a house together. And to top it all off, Malcolm proposed to Kimberly, and now the family has 2 weddings to look forward to.

  • And so we enter another year in Linfort. And with that year comes the prospect of a new baby as well as another wedding.
  • Naomi's pregnancy goes really well. She and Jeremy will be welcomming their first baby in July 2019.
  • Sonya on the other hand seems to have a very hard pergnancy. Her engery never seems to be high, and when she's sleeping her bladder and hunger go down very fast, she never has the time to catch up on her sleep. So she's on bedrest at the moment, and I hope she'll make it to April.
  • I was very excited the finally open D's Deli. I've been looking forward to this since the day I had the idea of Dana opening a deli. She's needs quite some time to get all the dishes prepared, but the deli seems to be a succes.
  • I didn't plan on Graham and Ella to become pregnant this soon. They don't seem like the couple the have a wedding when the bride is pregnant, she they rushed the wedding to next month.
  • Both Malcolm and Kimberly rolled the want to get engaged, so I let them. I haven't set a date yet. They are moving into a house not too far from the Norwood Farm in Linfort. They'll be having their own update next round.
  • I hope the get all the new profiles out by the time this update comes out, but to be honnest I don't know if I have all the pictures for it, so I'll do my best.
  • I hope the get my updates out sooner, but I hoped that the last time as well, so I don't know if I'll be able to do so...


  1. D's Deli looks great! It seems similar to my Caleb's catering business. It definitely is a lot of work but from a gameplay perspective, I like checking my sims' inventories to see what they bought when I haven't been playing them! And unlike the random cars they buy from Novak Motors, food id something they can always use!

    You have so many babies due! Linfort's population is going up quickly!

  2. The deli looks great! So many babies and new relationships! I hope that everything goes well for all the expectant mothers. I've had a few that definitely struggled with that energy bar. Exciting to have two weddings upcoming!