Friday, February 3, 2017

Conners-Donovan - August 2017

Brenda's next update/Next update

The Conners-Donovan Family
Miles is 32, Sonya is 31 and Brenda is 28
(Steven Ball and Jeremy Hagan are 29 and Allison Miller is 27)
Narrated by Sonya
When we moved to Linfort I decided to work a little bit more from home. It's not easy, since I have to meet the clients face to face, but preparing the lawsuit is something that I can do from home. My boss agreed, but he also asked me to keep him updated by phone.
I'm glad to be able to work more from home. Miles had this possibility already, and I thought that now that we are both working from home, I would see him more, but I was wrong about that. We're both very busy at the moment, that our time together is even less than before!
He's working on plans for a clinic here in Linfort, and he has meetings for this almost every week. When he doesn't have to go to the town hall for the meetings, Allison Miller, the doctor who planned it all, comes to our house to look at and discuss the plans.
They're both aware that before Nathalie Burke approves the plans, the building of the clinic won't start. So they are doing everything they can to start as soon as possible.
Allison was one of the first people we met when we moved to Linfort. So we decided to ask her and her fiancee over for dinner. They are a nice couple, but I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something wrong between them, that Jeremy didn't want to be here.
Even though there was some tension, we had a pleasant evening.
I'm glad that things between Miles and I are still going great! We do our best to spend time together, despire our busy schedules.
We go out at least once a week. Linfort is really a nice place to live, and even though it's a small town, there are still pleny of places to visit.
One thing we agree on when we're out, is that we don't discuss work. It's supossed to be time for us as a couple, work we can discus when we're at home.
Miles and I both want children, sooner rather than later, but up untill now things haven't gone the way we wanted it. Despite not getting the news we want, we haven't lost hope.
Things for Brenda seem to be going good as well. The house we bought in Linfort is in the same street as the outdoor sports center.
She's been going down there every day to practice. And her coach has called her to let her know she has some competitions scheduled in the next couple of months.
She also gotten the news that Steven, her boyfriend, who was in between jobs, has found a job in Arvana, and so they started apartment-hunting straight away.
They found a nice place pretty soon, and signed the lease the moment they saw the apartment. They are moving in as soon as they get everything packed.
They were pretty pleased with their aparment, and decided to go and celebrate in Arvana.
So far Miles and I have stayed in Linfort for our nights out, but Brenda assured me that Arvana is worth the visit as well.
Right before they moved into their new apartment, they decided to get a dog. Mara is a really cute dog, and even though I'm more of a cat person, it was fun having her in the house for a couple of days.

Brenda and Steven's apartment in Arvana. They have the apartment at the right on the ground floor.
The apartment has a small garden, where they have a small corner for Mara.

  • So Brenda has already moved out, we'll see much more of her and Steven next round, when I play them in their new apartment. They are the first ones to move to Arvana, my downtown, and I'm pretty excited about that.
    Steven Ball's profile will be up by next round.
  • I want Sonya and Miles to have kids, and they both rolled the want as soon as they moved into their house. But I decided to wait with kids untill I finish my introduction round. So in round one some pregnancies will be announced and babies will be born!


  1. So you've got yet another household to play! It's lots of fun watching your hood be built from the ground up like this. It's almost like a BACC, without the super restrictive rules of that challenge (that actually make gameplay a bit boring, in my experience). I'm really loving meeting all the Linfortians!

  2. Exciting that you have couples that are ready for a family, that will make it fun to jump right in for the next round! Arvana sounds interesting, and the apartment exterior looks nice, as did the restaurant. Miles and Sonya are really cute with an adorable little house too.