Monday, January 30, 2017

Hagan-Miller - July 2017

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The Hagan-Miller Family
Jeremy is 29 and Allison is 27
(Nathalie Burke is 35, Miles Donovan is 32, Andrew Miller is 27, Neil Reynolds is 26 and Crystal Hagan is 25)
Narrated by Allison
One of my main reasons for moving to Linfort, was the opportunity to open and run a small clinic. Nathalie Burke and I have been meeting about this for months now to come up with the details.
She found an architect, who is moving to Linfort as well, to start drawing the plans. And a few weeks ago we finally had a meeting to discus some of the plan he already made.
Nathalie and I are mostly on the same page, which makes meeting with her quite easy. So I was glad to discover Miles thinks the same way was well. We're not nearly finished but we're getting there. We hope to be able to open the clininc in a few years, but this way I can get some more expecrience.
Things at work have been so busy lately, but I was able to get in some free time. Which I spend with my brother, Andrew.
We're twins and we used to spend to much time together, but now that I'm in med school and he started his job it's been really hard to find the time to meet.
I think that's part of being an adult, and as much as I love med school I do miss being able to spend time with Andrew.
Noelle and Neil, Jeremy's sisters boyfriend, got the chance to play in a local bar and so Crystal asked us to come .
I always liked Crystal, she's a nice girl. And even though she and Jeremy aren't twins, thei relationship is almost as close as mine and Adrew's.
When they were done, Neil joined us at our table and thing got a little bit akward, when Crystal and Neil only had eyes for each other and forgot all about the converstation.
I normally don't have much problems with that kind of romantic gestures, but things have been off between Jeremy and I lately. We don't seem to be on the same level anymore.
And things have gotten even worse when I walked in on him flirting with another girl in our house!
Needless to say the night ended in a huge fight. He tried to talk it off as her being just a friend, but I didn't believe that. He sleeps on the couch ever since, and we haven't talked since that day either.

  • Miles Donovan is part of another family. He has a wife, Sonya, and a sister-in-law, Brenda. Sonya is a lawyer and Brenda is professional swimmer, or at least she tries to be. Their household profile page is even online when this update comes online!
    And with meeting the Conners-Donovan Family, you've met every family in Linfort!
  • I 've finally gotten around to writing the Norwood 1 household page!
  • I'm looking forward to starting the clinic, but I don't think it will happen next round. I like the idea of Allison getting some expecience before running the clinic.
  • Jeremy and Allison aren't doing great. They hardly ever roll wants for one another. They have 2 bolts (I think), and when I noticed that Jeremy and Naomi, the girl he's flriting with in the update, had higher chemistry I decided to see where things would go between these 2, especially since Jeremy is a romance-sim.
  • I'm really hoping to get my updates out much faster. I want to show you guys where things are going, I want my sims to get married, have children and watch those children grow up. At the moment I still have quite some updates that I need to write, but real life is pretty busy at the moment.


  1. Yikes at Jeremy flirting with that other girl right in Allison's house! Stupid and disrespectful - what a combination! I'm surprised he's even allowed on the couch. ;)

    Totally get you on the updating thing! I'm hoping to get mine out a bit faster too. :)

  2. I can understand why Allison isn't taking none of Jeremy's lies. That was some pretty convincing evidence! You are really getting some nice career lots done and on the list too. The clinic will be nice to see, I hope you do a tour! The bar and performance were great, looked like a fun time!