Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Green-Wilson Wedding - September 2017

Birch Gardens - Linfort
John is 39, Sarah is 33
Narrated by Sarah

John and I didn't go traditional, and stayed in the same house the night before the wedding, we even slept in the same bed. But when we woke up I went to Dana's to get ready and to make sure John didn't see me before the wedding.
Derek went to our house to get ready with John and make sure John arrived on time and didn't forget anything, like the rings.
I think John was lucky to have Derek next to him to keep him calm when the guests started to arrive. Derek already went through it all, and knew exactly what to say to keep John calm.

I think it was the same for me and Dana. I was pretty nervous right before the ceremony, but she calmed me down, and when I walked down the aisle all I could think of was that I was walking towards the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.
The ceremony went by really fast, or at least for me it felt like is was getting by fast. Before I knew it we were exchanging the rings.
And we were pronounced husband and wife.
Dana started the reception with a toast, to us, the happy couple.
It's on days like these that I really miss my parents, but I'm so lucky to have found Dana as a friend.
After the toast it was time to open the buffet. We decided against assighning seats, and just let the guest mingle.
It was fun to see who sat by who, and hear the conversations develop.
After the buffet and the cake, it was time for some dancing. We decided to hire a small band for the music.
John and I got completely lost into one another when we opened the dancefloor.
We were more than happy to notice afterwards that most of the guests had joined us.
I'm so happy with the venue we eventually decided on, even for the time of year it turned out very beautiful.

Posed pics:
The happy couple; Sarah and John
And the happy couple with the groomsman, Derek, and the bridesmaid, Dana.
And an extra shot of John and Sarah.

  • For those of you wondering, the guests were: Dana and Derek Larson, Nathalie Burke, Meghan Bradley and Mitchell Roberts, Celeste Moreau and Thomas Parish, Maclolm Norwood, Graham Norwood and Naomi Lane (the girl Jeremy Hagan was flirting with in his update).
    I have no idea where they met all of these people, but I just went through their relationships and at least one of them was friends with some one on the list, and that's how they got 'so many' guests on their wedding.
  • The band of course were Noelle Moreau and Neil Reynolds.
  • From now on John is no longer John Green. He takes Sarah last name, because I want to keep my 'founder's' names for at least one generation, and so John is now John Green.
  • It's the first time I use these invitations to start of a wedding, and I quite like it.


  1. Lovely! You managed to make it really look like a September wedding, what with the colouring and all.

  2. Yay, the first wedding! The couple looked great and Sarah makes an especially beautiful bride. I got a real kick out of seeing Noelle and Neil as the band too - I am yet to have a proper band in my hood and am jealous that you've got one before you've even hit your second generation!

  3. Very pretty autumn wedding! Sarah made a lovely bride, and the entire ceremony was really nice. They have some good portraits for their walls too. I understand with wanting to keep surnames for at least a round!