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Larson-Miller-Moreau-Reynolds - February 2017

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The Larson-Miller-Moreau-Reynolds Family
Andrew Miller is 27, Neil Reynolds is 26, Gavin Larson is 24 and Noelle Moreau is 22
(Celeste Moreau is 25, Crystal Hagan is 23)
Narrated by Neil
I kind of like living with friends. I'm sure it's not something I will do forever, I will want a family of my own one day, but for now it's fun.
One of the perk at the moment it that I live with Noelle. We're in a band together, and living together makes practising a lot easier. We don't even get dressed to do so.
Music is Noelle's life, and she's really hoping for to lounch her music career soon. I however don't see myself doing this untill I retire. I have an economics degree, and I would love to do something with it one day. So I'm looking around, but I haven't found anything just yet.
Last month Noelle's sister, Celeste, moved to Linfort as well. She's a teacher and she wanted to finish the schoolyear before moving. Celeste has been comming by quite a lot, and almost every time, her roommate and friend, Crystal comes along with her.
Crystal and I get along pretty well.We started flirting.
And before I knew it we were in my bedroom. Afterwards we both decided we want to see each other again, but that things went a little bit too fast and that we are going to take things a litte bit slower.
Since Noelle and I had a gig in a club in Arvana, I really didn't have much time to think about anything else but that anyway.
Our roommates came to Arvana to watch us preform, as well as Celeste and Crystal.
Liam also came downtown and he even brought his girlfriend, Alexa, with him.
Our preformance went very well. But as much as I love being on stage and playing, I still want to do something else with my life. I do hope this gig lounches Noelle's career.

  • I don't know why it always take me this long to write an update, once I put myself to start typing the actual update, it goes very well. I just need to start writing!
  • So we meet some more sims; Celeste Moreau and Crystal Hagan. They are best friends and living together. Celeste and Crystal pracically grew up as sisters, together with Crystal's brother, Jeremy and Celeste's sister, Noelle. I hope to get their household profile page up by the time this update goes up, and it not by the time my next update goes up. Celeste is a teacher and Crystal works as an actress.
  • I don't know if I mentioned it before, but Arvana is my downtown. At the moment it's very bare, but I'm working on it. My university will also be part of my downtown, so I have a lot of work.
  • Things with Neil and Crystal went a little bit too fast. I saw they had 2 bolts, and had them interact with each other, and before I knew it they headed upstairs into Neil's bedroom, which was a lot faster than I had anticipated!
  • I know we didn't see a lot of Gavin and Andrew in this update, if we saw them at all, so I'm hoping to focus some more on them in this family's next update.

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  1. Oh, for some reason, I thought these guys would be playable NPCs, so it's fun to see an actual update on them!

    You know, Neil and Crystal are young and sometimes young people move fast like that! Nothing we simmers can do but go with it, really. It should be interesting to see if anything more serious pans out with them. With Neil living with Crystal's sister, it could be a little bit awkward if things go badly but I guess we'll see.

    Cool idea to have your uni as a part of your downtown! That will hopefully give the students a very lively place to live and interact. :)