Monday, December 12, 2016

Hagan-Moreaux - March 2017

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The Hagan-Moreaux Family
Celeste is 25 and Crystal is 23
(Louisa Bradley is 31 and Meghan Bradly is 29)
Narrated by Celeste

Crystal and I have been living in Linfort for about 3 months now, and things are going great. I was a bit scared that the commute every day would be hard, but it's not too bad, even though I have to work from home a lot if I want to be home early.
Linfort, or at least Arvana, isn't as quiet as we thought. There are plenty of place to go out, which was another thing we thought would be different.
On my days off I usually go for a walk around town. There are quite a few busisses in Linfort.
And this town just keeps growing. For months I've been walking past this building where they haave been working. And last time when I passed I saw that a flowerstore opened up, so I went to check it out.
The store is owned by Meghan Bradley, who just moved to Linforto together with her sister, Louisa who works in a restaurant in the city. It's always been Meghan's dream to open her own flowershop and when she finally decided to go ahead with it, she decided to do so in Linfort.
The store has some really nice flower arrangement, and plants, and I really didn't need Meghan to convince me to buy something.
On one of my shopping trips, a guy walked up to me, and we started talking. His name is Thomas Parish, and he lives in Arvana, where he works as well.
He asked me out and I decided it would be fun. We went to a restaurant in Arvana.
Afterwards we went to see movie. But to be really honest we didn't catch much from the movie because we talked all the time.
Thomas really is a nice guy, and I wouldn't say no if he asked me out again.
Crystal is still seeing Neil, that is when she's not busy with auditions which she had quite a lot of lately.
They try to spend all of their free time together, which isn't a lot at the moment.

I posed this shot of Celeste and Thomas, but couldn't work it in the updte, but also wanted to share it, so here you go :)

  • And so we meet another family, the Bradley family; sisters Lousia and Meghan. As seen in this update Meghan opend up a flowershop in Linfort, she works as a florist. Louisa is working in the cullinary career, I hope she one day opens her own restaurant in Linfort or Arvana.
  • I finally put up the Hagan-Moreau 1 household profile, it took me long enoutgh!
  • Don't mind the speechbubbles in the pictures please, for some reason I never heard of the 'showheadlines off'-cheat before! I have now so normally they will show up less and less.
  • The fun thing about moving singles to the hood, is that they start dating. Celeste and Thomas have 3 bolts, and because I don't see Celeste as one to date around, I can see a nice future for these 2, but we'll see whatever they decide :)
  • Crystal and Neil are still seeing eacht other, and I kind of like these 2 together, but again we'll see whatever they decide :)


  1. Catching up on your new hood, which looks great so far. You can really tell you're having a lot of fun with it! And I agree, singles are exciting to play and I always love it when my new adults haven't got any relationships carrying over from their teens. :D

  2. A three bolt love needs to be taken seriously :-)
    Lovely update, and nice to see the businesses through a customer's eyes.

  3. Oooh, 3 bolts! I can rarely ignore a 3 bolt couple! I'll keep my fingers crossed for Celeste and Thomas, as they do seem like a good match. Really fun to see all the new residents and businesses in Linfort!

  4. Oh I love 3 bolters. Makes life soo much easier. I can't wait to see what comes of them