Thursday, November 17, 2016

Larson - November 2016

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The Larson Family
Derek is 27and Dana is 25
(Sarah Wilson is 32, Liam Reynold is 29, Andrew Miller is 26, Neil Reynolds is 25, Gavin Larson is 23 and Noelle Moreau is 21)
Narated by Derek

At the beginning of this month my brother, Gavin, finally let met know he would be arraving in Linfort. He's moving here with a bunch of friends, including Neil Reynolds, Liam Reynolds' brother, and so Liam and I decided to pick them up from the train station together.
I've been waiting for Gaving to move here for moths. We both decided to move at the same time, but he didn't want to move as fast as I did, but I never thought I would miss having him around this much.
Dana and I invited him over that same night but a home cooked meal. Dana is sure that living with friends won't give him this nice meals.
Afterwards he and I went to the local bar to play some pool. 
After a game or 2, Gavin got a distracted and I was left playing pool on my own, I can't blame his distraction though.
Dana is really busy with planning the opening of her deli. She insists it's not something that will happen soon, because she claims she still has a lot of things to get in order. She's testing out dishes at home whenever she has the time.
She also meets up with Sarah Wilson quite a lot. We met Sarah a few months ago, and the two of them agreed on some kind of business deal where Sarah will sell a part of her produce to Dana, to give the meals that little bit extra.
In the mean time Sarah got engaged and she asked Dana to do the wedding planning. So Dana has a lot on her plate at the moment.
I'm waiting to get send on a mission at the moment, so things are pretty calm for me. I'm home more than Dana at the moment, and so I'm trying to keep fit for when the time is there.
I have been wanting kids ever since Dana and I got married 3 years ago, but Dana isn't in a hurry to get started. I brought up the subject once again when we went out for dinner.
The answer was the same as always though; she's not ready yet. She's scared that she will be left raising the kid on her own, while I'm away on missions.
I'm not saying that I don't get her, I'm just saying that she knew I wanted kids when we got married, and she knew what I did for a living. We still have time though, so I'm not going to put any pressure on her at the moment.

  • And with this update another 'family' is moving to Linfort; the Larson-Miller-Moreau-Reynolds-family. They won't be getting a household-profile page as it would be too complicated to incoorperate every one's history, so I'll say a little bit about them here:
    • Gavin Larson; he has the same background as Derek since Gavin is Derek's younger bother, though Gavin has absolutely no interest in the military, he works as a game developer in the city.
    • Andrew Miller; he's Allison Miller's twin brother. And he basically followed his sister to Linfort. He was lucky he found friends who wanted to move as well, but otherwise he would have moved on his own. Andrew is a journalist, working in the city at the moment, but hoping to transfer once Linfort has its own paper.
    • Noelle Moreau; she's Andrew's girlfriend and an aspiring singer. She hopes the make it as a singer, even though she knows it's hard. Noelle has a sister, Celeste, who will be moving to Linfort as well. They used to live next door to Jeremy and Crystal Hagan, and were raised together with them when they moved in after their father died.
    • Neil Reynolds; he's Liam Reynold's younger brother, as well as Noelle's band mate. In contract to Noelle though, he doesn't see a big future in the music industry.
  • Derek has had the want for a baby from the moment I moved Dana and Derek in to their house. Dana is a romance sim, and I doubt she'll ever roll the want, but with the planning of the opening of her own business, I don't see her wanting to add another thing to her already busy life just yet.


  1. So many young singles in your hood! You're going to have a very active school in a few years' time. ;)

    Dana has plenty of time for kids - she's still so young! I don't know if I've ever had a Romance sim roll a baby want, unless they had Family secondary. It would be interesting if Dana bucked that trend though! It would certainly make Derek happy. :)

  2. Good luck to Dana and her deli, she seems like a busy woman that is interested in her career right now. I think her concerns are valid, and that there is still time for that once she's more settled with her career. Nice to have so many new singles to incorporate into your hood. It'll be fun to watch everyone pair up.