Sunday, November 13, 2016

Reynolds-Roberts - October 2016

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The Reynolds-Roberts Family
Liam and Mitchell are 29
Narrated by Liam
After moving to Linfort Mitchell and I have settled into a nice routine, though it's kind of boring.
I like working at the station. Linfort is a small town, so there aren't any bad things happening, but I like it that way.
There is room and budget for an extra police officer here in Linfort, but they haven't found one just yet, so in the mean time it's just me.
I think Mitchell is settling in pretty well as well. He had a hard time finding inspiration again after killing off his character, but it seems like he's back on it.
He spends a lot of time in the library. He likes looking at people and comming up with stories for each of them, he says it inspires him. Though I think the coffee has something to do with it as well.
We like to go downtown, to Arvana to meet new people. I know Mitchell wants a family one day, but not just yet.
So he's chatting with differtent people, getting to know them, and I'm sure he's remembring their stories so he can use them in one of his books.
On one of our nights out, I met Alexa Klein. Alexa works in Arvana as some sort of sea biologist, and she's very passionate about the enviroment.
We got to talking and one thing lead to another, and before either of us knew we were kissing.
We decided to get some coffee together a few days later. I was affraid that I had just imagined how well we got along, but I hadn't.
We still got along really well, and I can't wait to see her againg and get to know her beter.

  • Finally an update! And quite a boring one, I know, but there just wasn't that much going on for these 2.
  • I like the police station, but I hated the fact that couldn't force Liam to wear his workclothes! I know have downloaded a default replacement, and they are also custom, so know I can have him in his uniform at the police station.
  • Mitchell is working on a book but it's not finished yet. He doesn't seem interested in any of the girls he just met, but I'm not in a rush with him anyway.
  • Liam and Alexa have 3 bolts, and I hardly ever ignore 3 bolts. They hit it off immidiatly and they both roll wants for the other, so I'm pretty happy with there 2.


  1. I find 3 bolts nearly impossible to ignore, too :-)
    Even though you say this update was boring, I don't think it is. I like looking at your houses (love the police station!) and how you decorate and furnish them.

  2. Oh yeah, I'm another total sucker for 3 bolts! I have to at least try to see if they'll make a good couple. They usually do. ;) I'm hoping it will work out the same for Alexa and Liam. Seems like they have potential and having people pair off relatively quickly is a good thing in a new hood. :)

  3. Alexa is pretty, and with 3 bolts, why say no! It's hard for me to ignore three bolts too, so I can see why you wouldn't! The police station looks good from what I can see, did you do a tour? Nice that he'll eventually get a fellow officer to work with, it'd probably be pretty lonely at work doing it solo, plus a lot of responsibility, even if not much happens. It's nice that he's happy where he is at, and isn't upset that he hasn't found a girl to date.

  4. Librarian 3 bolts is hard to ignore, so I don't :)
    I'm glad you like seeing my lots. I always like building and decorating them, so it's nice when other people like seeing them.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I'm looking forward to seeing where Liam and Alexa will take their new relationship. But with 3 bolts, I don't worry about these 2 that much.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I didn't do a tour of the police station, but I plan on doing one, some day :)
    I'm looking forward to getting Liam a collegue, like you said things can get lonely when you're working on your own all the time.

    Thanks for reading!