Saturday, May 13, 2017

Spring 2018

March 2018
John Wilson is 40, Sarah Wilson is 34

March has been extremely cold this year. They even had snow. This all meant the Sarah Wilson wasn't able to work in her garden.

But with her first baby on the way, she wasn't too annoyed by it. Instead she and husband John are enjoying every little kick the little one makes.


April 2018: The Larson-Miller-Moreau-Reynolds Family
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Andrew Miller is 28, Neil Reynolds is 27, Gavin Larson is 25 and Noelle Moreau is 23

After many different job interviews, Neil found a job to fit his economics degree. This of course meant the he had to tell Noelle he was quiting the band.
Even though Noelle wasn't to happy about the news, she wished Neil all the best in his new career.
While Noelle and Neil are trying to find a new rythm with the changes professionally, their partners are discovering each other. Andrew and Crystal recently connected and eventually one thing led to another.
Both plan on breaking up with their partner, but they haven't found the courage yet, and are sneaking around in a hotel in Arvana.
Gavin finally agreed to let his brother Derek set him up with one of his collegues. Derek has been asking for some time now, but Gavin wasn't up for it.
When he met Kathleen however, he had to agree with his brother that they might have a good time together.
They had a nice meal together in Linfort, and when they talked it seemed like they had known each other for quite some time.
Gavin and Kathleen got along so well, that they decided to meet more often.

  • I'm super excited about Sarah and John's baby! I'm hoping it will be a boy, a girl is fine also, but I really hope they have a boy to continue the Wilson-name.
  • Neil now works in the business career, which fits his degree much better than being in a band. I was kind of sad to break up the band though, because I had fun letting them play in clubs and at Sarah and John's wedding. But business is more Neil's thing.
  • Noelle will continue to try to become a famous star. Music is her life, and she wants to make it big in the music industry.
  • Crytal came by when only Andrew was a home, and I notices that he has higher chemistry with her than he has with Noelle. They ended up in bed together all on their own, and so the affair started.
  • Kathleel Shields works in the military with Gavin's brother, that's why I did the whole blind date thing. They have pretty high chemistry, so I'm curious to see where they take it.

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  1. Yikes, Crystal and Andrew! Splitting up with their respective partners will only get harder as time goes on, so they really need to end things soon!

    I'm excited about Sarah and John's baby too and also to see what happens with Kathleen and Gavin! They seem like a good match.