Friday, January 13, 2017

Wilson - June 2017

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The Wilson Family
John is 39 and Sarah is 33
(Graham Norwood is 37, Malcolm Norwood is 34 and Dana Larson is 26)
 Narrated by John

Last month we got new neightbors, and so we went by to meet them.
They are 2 brothers, Graham and Malcolm. Sarah immidiatly went to the garden where she had spotted a large greenhouse before, and she was really eager to check it out.
She and Graham has a lot to talk about. Sharing their experiences in garden and debating the differences between growing vegetables in a green house or in the open air.
I left the 2 on their own and met up with Malcolm. Malcolm works at the postal service. He likes being outdoors, but doesn't have the green thumb his brother has.
When he heard I have my own business he got really enthousiastic. He wants to open his own toy store, and kept asking my tips and tricks.
I didn't mind giving him some tips. Little Black Book opened a couple of months ago, and people seem to really like stopping by.
Sometimes I don't even have time to talk to all of the customers personally, because there's a line at the cash register.
I took some time off from the library to be able to work in the store and still help Sarah out in the garden. 
I know she can handle it perfectly well on her own, but I like doing these kind of things together.
The wedding planning is going fine as well. We've decided to get married in September, which is only couple of month away, so Sarah is meeting with Dana quite a lot.
A week ago they decided on a location not too far from our house. Since we both like the ourdoors, an outdoor-wedding seems like the perfect thing for us. Now we have to hope we don't have rain that day.
I don't get to go to all of the meetings with Dana, but Sarah fills me in on all the details when we have a few minutes to ourselfs.
I have to admit, I'm kind of looking forward to winter, where we don't have the garden to worry about, and maybe we might have little bit more time for us.

  • And with this update we meet another family: the Norwoods. Graham and Malcom. Graham is planning on opening a farmer's market, and Malcolm is planning on opening a toy store, which is something I really love playing!
  • I've also finally made John's profile page, he'll be officially part of Linfort in a few months, so it was about time! I hope to get their family profile page updated by the time this update gets out as well.
  • As much as I love playing Sarah, I have to admit that I'm glad she's not living alone anymore. Things were getting a little bit boring sometimes.


  1. Oooh, the book store looks awesome! You've got a real little economy going in Linfort!

    I'm glad things are going so well for John and Sarah. I can't wait to see their wedding - I love the look of the venue they've chosen.

  2. The garden looks nice as does the book store. Toy store will be neat to see, I've been in need of making over mine for ages. I can understand being excited about not playing Sarah alone, it's always a hard play session to play a single-sim household.