Saturday, March 3, 2018

Miller 1 - June 2028

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The Miller Family
Andrew is 38, Crystal is 34 and Yana is 3
(Allison Kent-Miller is 38, Joleen Knowles is 36, Aaron Kent is 3)
Narrated by Andrew

I don't know what I expected when we decided to have children, but it wasn't what we got. It's just amazing! We both adore Yana and are looking forward to adding more to the family.
Yana is pretty easy going, though I don't know if that's going to stay like that. She's our daughter after all, and we're not the easiest people.
Crystal and I have been talking about starting for another child. It seemed like the perfect time since Crystal is just finishing up on a production and doesn't have another one just yet.
We didn't expect to be succesfull so soon though. But after a few weeks Crystal started feeling sick in the morning and so she took a home pregnancy test, which was possitive.
After that news, it was time to start thinking about moving. I love the house we have now, but Crystal keeps telling me we need to move if we're having another child, I'm still not sure though.
Despite the fact that I'm not on board yet, she started looking for available house in Linfort and Arvana.
And one afternoon she even dragged me to a realtor's office to check out some places.
I have to admit that there are some pretty nice ones out there, and the realor really listened to what we had to say, and what we want for a new home.
She has listed all our demands, and is going to look for a house that tips all the boxes. As soon as she finds one she'll contact us. I have to say that, when listing everything we want, I finally can see that our house really is too small.
With Crystal career going really well at the moment and the press following her every move, we decided to tell the  news outside of our families just yet.
Allison was happy for us, but I could see that she's just not ready for another one herself just yet.
With Crystal being follow by the press almost all the time now, there's almost no possibility for us to go out without being followed. We mostly have dates at home these days.
Since we have Yana to look after as well, I don't mind too much at the moment. I do am looking forward to taking my wife to an actual restaurant in the future though.

  • Yay, she's pregnant! Crystal's due in March 2029. 
  • I think they could have fitted a second child in their home, but they have more than enough money to move and seeing her profession I think it's time for them to move. I'm going to miss their house though, I can't wait to move some one else in.


  1. Another baby! That's exciting, as is the prospect of a new house. I'm sure you'll find something amazing for them and then you'll also have this old house to move some other lucky sims into. :)

  2. That's really great that they can move to a bigger house and not be so cramped when the new baby comes.

  3. so exciting, can't wait to see the new place